Industrial Waste Solutions

This service caters to a myriad of different needs, industries and sectors.


Construction-generated waste is collected by us for disposal, recycling or even reuse. This service is also ideal for anyone who is carrying out demolition works. Moreover, it is used for road construction and maintenance to avoid harmful environmental impacts.


We at R&A Waste Services Ltd are certified when it comes to the collection and disposal of expired, defective, unused or contaminated medical items. This includes hazardous pharmaceuticals, biological products, sharps and medicinal drugs.


We also offer waste collection for non-hazardous materials that do not pose threats to the environment but cannot be collected municipally. These include a range of  recyclables, carbonates, sugars, lactic acids, a variety of oils and aerosol cans.


One of our specialised collection services is the hazardous and toxic waste collection option. This is implemented in order to be rid of spa chemicals, petrol, motor oils, solvent-based paints, kerosene, batteries, pesticides, garden chemicals and CFLs.